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Heart of Florida United Way’s Bank On Program Dives Into the True Cost of Being Unbanked

In our home state, we have 3.7% Floridian households (301,824) living completely without a bank account and relying solely on alternative financial services (outside traditional banking institutions). 17.9% Floridian households (1,468,335) are poorly or “under” banked, with at least one person holding a bank or credit union account, and yet still primarily relying on alternative […]

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HFUW’s Bank On of Greater Orlando Program Connects Central Floridians to FREE Certified Bank On Checking Accounts

Managing your finances can be difficult, especially without an active and contributory checking account. So how is your money management system working for you? Are you tired of all the unexpected fees and high monthly maintenance costs? Or, are you looking to explore new options to update or enhance your current personal finances?  Bank On of Greater Orlando is […]

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