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know your place

James Baldwin, Writer and Activist

Heart of Florida United Way proudly presents “Know Your Place” — a deeply introspective film that illuminates realities in Central Florida’s not-so-distant past.

“Know Your Place” shares the personal stories of Central Floridians who have faced racism, segregation, and bias throughout their lives.

Created by Macbeth Studio, this documentary features prominent community voices like Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings, State Senator Geraldine Thompson, Former Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Belvin Perry, and more.

A special thank you goes to our sponsors, who are standing up alongside Heart of Florida United Way as we remember Central Florida’s history and write the next chapter for our community.

Thank you to Florida Blue, the Central Florida Foundation, the African American Chamber of Commerce, Ernst & Young, the Orlando Magic, and the Meris Law Firm.

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YOU have the power to make a difference.

Whether you roll up your sleeves and volunteer with Heart of Florida United Way to build a more equitable community or join one of our Impact Groups — like Women United or Emerging Leaders — to raise your voice and help solve critical community issues, we need YOU to take a stand.

You can also help facilitate important community conversations by hosting a screening of “Know Your Place” at your home, in your community, or at your workplace. Please use the contact form on this page to reach out to us if you’re interested in bringing the film to your group or organization.

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Thank you to these sponsors for standing with us.