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We Change Lives

As one of the largest nonprofit organizations in Central Florida, Heart of Florida United Way is uniquely positioned to strategically assess the challenges we face in our community and partner with local businesses, governments, elected officials, generous donors, and non-profits to create lasting, measurable change for generations to come. We focus on our community’s most pressing needs, and we develop programs and invest in initiatives that will make the greatest possible impact on our community.

As we seek to not only stabilize but empower every person in Central Florida, United Way focuses on investing in four key focus areas: Basic Needs, Financial Stability, Education, and Health.

Financial stability

Too many people in Central Florida are working one — even two or three jobs — and, still, they are unable to afford the necessities like housing, transportation, and food — let alone save for an emergency that could mean financial ruin. Through strategic partnerships and programs, we are changing that by helping stabilize families in need and empowering upward mobility.


A good education sets a foundation for a better life. However, achieving an education can be a struggle, particularly for those struggling to overcome barriers — like not having enough food to fuel their brains or having to choose between paying a utility bill or tuition. That’s where we come in.


Sustaining our physical, emotional, and mental wellness is a vital part of overall wellness. Heart of Florida United Way proudly promotes that kind of holistic wellness through our programs and investments.

Basic needs

Food and shelter are basic necessities, but the reality is that nearly half of Central Florida’s population is struggling to afford even the basics. Too many families are faced with the prospect of becoming homeless or going hungry. We are working in partnership with Central Florida leaders to change that.

Strategic Investment

LEADING Change through Strategic Investments

Heart of Florida United Way drives meaningful change in Central Florida by developing programs and initiatives, as well as strategically investing in partner agencies that are best poised to address Central Florida’s pressing and complex issues. Our role as a key convener in the community enables us to better understand how to allocate resources in a way that maximizes our donor dollars — transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each year.


Empowering Hardworking Individuals and Families

You know ALICE. You see them every day. They are the childcare worker at your daycare, the cashier at your supermarket, aging parents on Social Security, servers, office clerks, and others. They are essential, yet they struggle to survive.

ALICE is Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. They are hardworking people one emergency away from financial ruin. One flat tire. One hospital bill. But, together, we can help.

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Heart of Florida United Way believes in creating measurable results — so we know we are making a real impact in Central Florida.