Women United Spotlight: Alicia Talbott

Alicia Talbott

Meet Alicia Talbott, a Women United member since 2022, who is inspired by the incredible women who surround her.

Q: When did you join Women United?  
A: May 2022

Q: What inspires you as a woman+ professional? 
A: I’m inspired by the women around me, coworkers, customers, and friends. Watching other women grow in their careers, being a resource to them as they grow or a sounding board, cheering them on as they reach goals and other achievements, or listening and supporting them when things don’t go as they hoped.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being in Women United? 
A: My favorite part is the unique, super-talented people who give their time and money to make an impact where we live. Getting to interact with such wonderful humans is such a treat!

Q: What’s been your favorite Women United event/experience and why?  
A: That’s a tricky question because, truthfully, they are all fulfilling in one way or another. However, if I had to pick one, it would be the Thanksgiving Project. A group of my peers participated, and we learned one of our team members was on the board of another organization that those food boxes were going to. And, of course, the luncheon was inspiring! I mean, 750 women in one room?!

Q: What’s your favorite way to unwind? 
A: Going to local shops, coffee shops, and restaurants around Orlando makes me very happy! We have so many hidden gems! I also like to travel, spend time with my fur babies, and enjoy a nice glass of wine, usually an Italian red varietal.

Q: What’s the greatest advice you’ve ever received?   
A: A professor told me never to be ashamed of my origins in college. You may sound different and have different experiences, but that makes you who you are, and you should always be proud of that.

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