Together We Can Help ALICE More Than Survive.

Truist Grant Social 3

Truist Awards Grant to HFUW to Help ALICE.

Throughout Central Florida, nearly half of our population are living below the local coast of living. These are hard-working people often working two or three jobs to make ends meet. We refer to this group as ALICE or Asset Limited, Income Constrained, and Employed. 

  • You know someone who is ALICE.  
  • They take care of your children or elderly grandparents.
  • They make your coffee or prepare your meals.  
  • They teach children or entertain your family members.  
  • ALICE is in every industry in our community.

We are not alone

Thankfully, programs and services support these vulnerable parts of Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties. And thankfully, incredible corporate partners are joining the fight to help everyone in our community thrive.

Today we are proud to announce that our long-time partner and collaborator, Truist, has awarded a $161,500 grant to Heart of Florida United Way so we can continue to help ALICE families with our holistic approach.

Together we can address the needs of ALICE households through programs like:

  • Mission United, to assist local military veterans and their families
  • Education programs, from post-secondary persistence to assist low-income students in addressing barriers hindering completion of their education through Destination Graduation
  • Help Me Grow, helping families access developmental screenings for young children and connect them to services. 

Thank you, Truist Foundation, for helping ALICE households get back on their feet, continue their education and reach their full potential. Your continued support is what it means to LIVE UNITED!