Stay Alert on Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft Protection with a Bank On Certified Account

Have you ever noticed a charge on your credit card statement that seemed strange?   

If that scenario sounds familiar, you have likely been a target of fraud. Credit card fraud occurs when someone accesses your account information and spends your money without your knowledge or permission.  

In 2022, 44% of credit card users reported having two or more fraudulent charges. At Heart of Florida United Way (HFUW), we support the financial stability of every person in Central Florida through our Bank On of Greater Orlando program. 

By practicing good credit card habits we can empower our neighbors to stay alert to protect dollars they’ve earned. 

Do You Have Your Fraud Alerts Enabled? 

According to the 2023 Credit Card Fraud report published by, there is a direct relation between those who did and did not have fraud alerts set up on their account. Most people don’t notice a fraudulent charge until hours or even days after the money has been spent. 

The report states, “Among users who had credit alerts activated, 38 percent were notified of the attempted fraudulent transaction within minutes — compared to just four percent without notifications. Account notifications can empower you to take immediate action in case of fraud or even stop unauthorized transactions from being completed.”   

Bank Safely with a Secure Bank On Certified Account 

Regardless of how much money is in your account, safety and security should be a top priority.  

This is why our Bank On of Greater Orlando webpage offers a list of safe and secure Bank On Certified accounts with a comparison chart of key features available, such as fraud alerts and identity theft protection.  

Bank On offers more than 14 certified accounts for Florida residents with options to set up alerts for a number of scenarios, including charges made over a certain amount or from a distant location that will require your approval before they are processed.    

These bank account alerts can be easily set up and help you save an immense amount of time, energy, and money. 

If you are looking for a new account or would like to check out the advantages of a Bank On Certified account, click here to learn more.    

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