What is Bank On?

The Bank On initiative is a nationwide campaign with the primary goal of providing every person the opportunity to have and keep a secure, affordable bank or credit union account.

Why is it Important?

Individuals who have access to secure, low-cost accounts are not only able to build their savings and credit scores, avoid financially draining fees like overdraft and insufficient funds. In addition, they do not have to turn to predatory lenders with high-interest rates or spend extra on check-cashing services. Ultimately, people can save and/or spend more of the money they earn, which significantly benefits their household and their community.

Communities with households that have sufficient income will see multiple benefits, including less traffic, decreases in healthcare spending, fewer communicable diseases, improved workplace productivity, lower crime rates, and high returns on investment in education (especially for early childhood education). 

What is the goal of Bank On?

There are three target goals that the Bank On campaign aims to accomplish: 

  1. Education on the many ways that a person can benefit from having (and using) a secure, affordable bank or credit union account. 
  2. Providing guidance in the community on locating and signing up for a Bank On Certified account.
  3. Increase access for all by assisting banks and credit unions with offering a Bank On Certified product. 

With a Bank On Certified account, you can:

  • Eliminate admin/credit card fees and pay your bills entirely for free, with free Bill Pay or four money orders and/or cashier’s checks per month (saving $70+ annually)
  • Leave behind prepaid cards and receive a free bank-issued debit card with 100% insured funds and free replacements if the card is lost/stolen (lose your card, not your money!)
  • Save an average of $350 per year with zero overdraft and insufficient funds fees. 
  • Open an account with $0-25 and never worry about low balance, inactivity, dormancy, activation, or closure fees.
  • Receive unrestricted telephone banking access, including live support and online & mobile banking assistance free of charge.

Florida Bank On Certified Accounts: Comparison Chart of Key Features Offered

Bank On Certified Account Identity Theft/Fraud protection Credit building products offered No Min. Deposit Zelle Checking Earns Interest/  Cash Back Physical Location in Greater OrlandoEarly Paycheck OptionFree
Alive Credit UnionXXXXX
Alliant Credit Union
(ages 13-17)
Ally Bank   XXX
(ages 16+)
BMO Harris    X  
BrightStar Credit Union BMO HarrisXX
Capital OneXXXXXATMs onlyXX
Chase X
Citi Bank   ATMs only
Discover   XX
Fifth Third    
Lending ClubXX
PNC Foundation     
Regions Bank  X X 
Self-Help Credit UnionXXXX
Stearns Bank   X ATMs only
Synovus    X  X
TD Bank   X 
First Bank   X  
Truist Confidence   X
Valley BankXXX
Wells Fargo  
(ages 17+)
Disclaimer: This material may include information on third parties and their products. The reference to these third parties is for information purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of the third party or their product.

To sign up for a new Bank On certified account over the phone, click here.

For the full list of accounts nationally offered, please visit: https://joinbankon.org/accounts/

For more information on the Bank On National Account Standards and how to submit your banking or credit union product for certification, please visit: https://joinbankon.org/resources/

To get in touch with the Bank On program manager at Heart of Florida United Way, please reach out to: Mia.Wesner@hfuw.org

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