2019 Women United Luncheon Recap

Women United Luncheon Recap

On May 22, hundreds of women leaders and philanthropists gathered for the 12th annual Women United Luncheon. Women United is a community of like-minded women who contribute their personal passions, best ideas and unique strengths to the mission of building a stronger Central Florida for women and children. We are pleased to announce that the Luncheon raised over $107,000 that will help local individuals and families.

Speaker Judy Shephard

This year, renowned activist Judy Shepard captivated the audience with her personal story. Tragedy struck the Shepard family in 1998 when Judy’s son Matthew was murdered due to anti-gay hate. As Matthew’s death made national headlines, Judy knew she could not stand idly by and let her son’s life be in vain.

Since then, Judy has dedicated her life to advocacy and she encourages others to use their voice to create change too. “Everyone has a passion whether it’s about the gay community or immigrants or child abuse or hunger or homelessness. Everyone has a passion that speaks to their hearts and they just need to take the step and raise their voice.”

Women United Luncheon

Every year, the Women United Luncheon is a chance to gather and network with the game changing women of our community and to be inspired to follow your passion. This year, Women United Co-Chairs Kari Conley (Orlando Health) and Yolanda Londono (Harvard Group International) encouraged attendees to take a stand and write down what inspires them to make a difference. Guests wrote down their passions on paper chain links and connected them to show the strength we have together.

In Central Florida, philanthropic and passionate women can lend their voice through Women United. With opportunities to volunteer and advocate, there is a chance for every women to take a stand for whatever she is passionate about.

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