As an integral part of United Way, Women United® fights for every person’s health, education, and financial stability in every community. We are a diverse, vibrant community, bound together by a powerful sense of belonging to each other, the organization’s mission, and the communities we call home. Our powerful, global network of women leaders, over 70,000 strong, lives united against the most critical issues facing more than 165 communities in six countries. 


In Central Florida, we tackle the issues that matter most to the people who call it home. We empower each other to leverage our passions, ideas, expertise, and resources to boost every child’s chance for success in school, work, and life. By strategically investing in local solutions and leveraging a worldwide footprint, we can positively impact Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties while also being part of the bigger picture and broader cause. 

Our local Women United chapter was founded in 2007 and has grown and expanded through the years to over 250 members. Our focus includes:

  • Empowering women’s economic stability.
  • Changing the lives of children.
  • Building the next generation of leaders.
  • Creating meaningful mentorships.  

How does Women United impact the Heart of Florida United Way mission? 

Women United has served as the backbone for the Central Florida community throughout the years, supporting programs and services for education, financial stability, and basic needs. The collective giving power of Women United has helped support nearly 180K women and more than 100K girls. 

Education is the foundation for early childhood development, programs such as ReadingPals provide an opportunity for children to strengthen their literacy skills. In partnership with Seminole State College, Women United supports programs such as Destination Graduation. As a result, 75% of students within the program can re-enroll or graduate in the following term. Two hundred forty-six at-risk women received the resources they needed to stay in school and graduate with their cohort. 

Financial instability can put a strain on daily life and can negatively affect your well-being. Women United supports programs such as the Siemer Institute for Family Stability, which provides resources that help families increase household income and reduce debt.  

The 211 Information and Referral Crisis Line provides tools and services for basic needs. Women United has helped provide services designed to create a thriving community where adults and children achieve their full potential with access to a solid education, good health, safe neighborhoods, and jobs that pay a living wage. 

Each year, the Women United Steering Committee hosts the Annual Meeting to update members relating to the work of Heart of Florida United Way and the changing needs in our local community. Together, the members of Women United develop goals and initiatives to serve our ALICE community, year after year continuously. 


ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. Simply put, individuals in the ALICE population are working but struggling financially to make ends meet. They are worried about paying the rent or mortgage every month and often work more than one job. Currently, ALICE represents over 46% of our population. Many of them have the drive and ambition to succeed at higher levels but have lacked the opportunity. They want more than a hand-out; they want a hand up. 

To learn more about ALICE, visit: https://www.hfuw.org/meetalice/ 

Looking for an interactive way to educate others about ALICE and what they go through every month? Check out the Walk In My Shoes tool – this online, interactive simulation will “walk” you through a month in the life of an ALICE household in Central Florida. 



In 2020, Women United raised a total of $409,000. These dollars went on to support meaningful United Way programs that provide mentorships, support early learning programs, and empower women’s economic stability. In 2021, the committee aims for a goal of $500,000 to continue this impactful work.   

To help us reach this goal, we seek new members to join our mission at either the investor level at $1,000 annually or the supporter level at $250 annually.   

To learn more about how to get involved, email WomenUnited@HFUW.org 


All of our engagement opportunities work towards supporting the ALICE community. Together, we are “leading the charge and inspiring change” in our community.   

Attending virtual and in-person events is a great way to connect with fellow Women United members and learn about your impact in the community. We encourage you to bring your friends and colleagues to these events to allow them to learn more about Women United.   


Another great way to put your skills to work, or practice new ones, is by joining one of our sub-committees to coordinate, lead, and execute initiatives that support the Women United mission. Currently, we are looking for members to join our Engagement Committee and 2022 Women United Luncheon Committee. If you are interested in being involved and would like to learn more about these sub-committees, please contact womenunited@hfuw.org



How can I stay informed about Women United events, meetings, etc.? 

Join our newsletter mailing list and Facebook group! To be added to our quarterly newsletter, please CLICK HERE

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To learn more about joining Women United, contact us at WomenUnited@hfuw.org or call (407) 429-2111.

For more information about Women United, a global force of over 70,000 women, visit www.WomenUnited.org 

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