Women United Spotlight: Lindsay Abt

Lindsay Abt

Meet Lindsay Abt, a Partner at Ernst & Young LLP who has been collaborating with Women United in multiple events for the past five years!

Q: What inspires you as a woman+ professional? 
A:  I’m inspired by the women leaders who paved the way for my success as a professional, as well as by the rising women leaders sharing their passions in our community.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being in Women United? 
A: I love collaborating with like-minded women in order to make our community a better place.

Q: What’s been your favorite Women United event/experience and why?  
A: I loved being part of the planning committee for the Women United Luncheon during my first couple of years on the Women United task force. Seeing that amazing event come together and experiencing sitting in that room during the event was very fulfilling.

Q: What’s your favorite way to unwind? 
A: My favorite way to unwind is to share a good meal and glass of wine with my family or friends.

Q: What’s the greatest advice you’ve ever received?   
A: When I had the opportunity early in my career to move to New York City for a new role, my Dad gave me great advice. He said to take the leap and accept the opportunity. Nothing is permanent, and if you don’t like it, you’ll move on. But if you don’t take the opportunity, you’ll always regret not having tried it.

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