Heart of Florida United Way improves the lives of individuals and families, building strong communities by uniting people and organizations to create measurable results and a lasting impact. We work to help all of our community by focusing on four pivotal areas: Education, Income, Health and Basic Needs.

Heart of Florida United Way

Heart of Florida United Way is moving in a bold direction focused on prevention. Building on our tradition of helping millions of Central Floridians since 1939, we’re now addressing the root causes of problems that affect people’s lives and our community. Our goal is to create lasting, measurable change – not just for today, but for generations to come.

We know that even with great work by United Way and our agency partners – as well as tremendous generosity from our community – health and human service problems have continued to grow and compound. Not only is prevention the right thing to do for people, it also makes smart economic sense.

Research shows that for every dollar spent on prevention, a minimum of $7 is saved on intervention.

Therefore, Heart of Florida United Way has put a stake in the ground and is declaring bold goals to find long-term solutions for our community’s most pressing problems.

We bring together the influential individuals and organizations needed to come up with solutions to the pressing issues our community faces. We collaborate with our partners and we are the catalysts for change.

We lead, support and invest in our community efforts to ensure that everyone can achieve their full potential. With our focus on our four key areas, we can effectively move the needle and make a substantial change.

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