What It Takes to Be an AmeriCorps

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Do you want to make the world to be a better place? Do you think getting a good education is the foundation to a better life? Are you the type of person to #GetThingsDone? Then it sounds like you might have what it takes!

At Heart of Florida United Way, we fight for the education of every student in Central Florida. One way we do that is through our AmeriCorps programs. They are working on the front lines of helping students realize their full potential.

Some are straight out of college and want to gain real-work experience while making a difference. Others are between careers and want to take the opportunity to give back. No matter the reason, there are several intrinsic qualities they all share.

If you think you would make a great AmeriCorps, see if these qualities apply to you

  1. You have a passion for students. Our AmeriCorps Pathways to Success members focus on helping 10th-12th grade student excel. Offering afterschool tutoring, help filing for financial aid and all around mentorship, the students impacted by the AmeriCorps involvement are showing significant academic improvement. Not to brag but one local high school saw an increased high school graduation rate from 75% to 91%!
  2. You are a motivator. When a community comes together to Live United, lives are changed. AmeriCorps VISTA members know firsthand the power of a caring community and activate volunteers to serve as mentors, tutors and classroom assistances at Title 1 schools. The Schools and Communities: Together for Tomorrow program has recruited over 1,700 volunteers, impacting more than 9,000 students!
  3. You care about improving the community. AmeriCorps are joining us in the fight every day to make Central Florida a better place. Since 2012, we have had 164 AmeriCorps members serve through Heart of Florida United Way programs. By working closely with schools, they’ve had a direct impact on lives and making a brighter future for Central Florida as a whole.

Next steps if you have what it takes to be an AmeriCorps

Need a few reasons on why you should apply to be an AmeriCorps? Check out this video! If you want to learn more or to apply, give us a call at 407-429-2170.

In honor of national AmeriCorps week, we celebrate the achievements and hard work of the Heart of Florida United Way members. Thanks to you, thousands of students are on a better trajectory because of your work!