The Reality Store: Preparing Central Florida Students for Financial Success 

Truist Volunteers at Evans High School for HFUW's Reality Store

This month, National Volunteer Month and National Financial Literacy Month, students at Evans High School dove headfirst into the challenges and rewards of real-world budgeting — thanks to the incredible Reality Store, powered by volunteers from Truist.  
This exciting collaboration between Heart of Florida United Way and Truist gave students a hands-on look at the financial choices that lie ahead in their lives and careers. 

“United Way is a great partner because they have a similar mission, and it aligns with our mission at Truist. They connect us with the individuals that are in underserved communities that need additional financial resources.”Tammy Paycer, Senior Vice President Regional Community Development Manager at Truist

The Reality Check 

At Heart of Florida United Way, we’re passionate about empowering our community’s youth with financial knowledge. The Reality Store transforms that mission into a fun, interactive experience.  
Students tackled life’s biggest decisions head-on: choosing a career, deciding on family size, and navigating life’s unexpected twists and turns — all while keeping a careful eye on their budget. 

“The Reality Store is a program in which we want to make sure financial literacy is at the forefront of all students. This is an area that a lot of high schools don’t teach. This gives us an opportunity to educate these students and provide them with some of the thought processes to guide them through life’s challenges.”Steve Fisher, Executive Vice President, Regional President – Florida North at Truist

Ready for the Future 

The Reality Store isn’t just about surviving a simulation – it’s about shaping future financial habits. By the end of the day, students left feeling empowered and knowledgeable, armed with the tools they need to manage their money wisely as they step into adulthood. 

What You Can Do