My Tio’s Pulse: A Children’s Book to Help Children Cope After Tragedy

My Tios Pulse

The Central Florida changed forever on June 12, 2016. The tragedy that took place at Pulse has shaped our community, showing our strength and resilience in the face of horror and adversary. We came together hand-in-hand to help those affected that day. The Orlando United Assistance Center (OUAC) is a direct fruition of that goal.

A program of the Heart of Florida United Way in partnership with the City of Orlando and the Orange County Government, OUAC provides services and support for those impacted by Pulse. OUAC connects and navigates a multitude of complex needs to individuals and families aimed at sustaining resiliency after tragedy. The work happening every day at OUAC is inspirational and life-changing.

My Tio’s Pulse

Keith Newhouse, a local author and independent publisher, was so inspired by the work at OUAC that he is donating 100% proceeds of his first book, My Tio’s Pulse, to the program. My Tío’s Pulse was created as a tool to assist parents, teachers and care givers to open dialogue with kids on adverse childhood experiences and trauma. The story explains what happened at Pulse in a clear and simple way. It gives children the means to talk about difficult topics and empower them to feel safe.

“When I came up with the idea for My Tio’s Pulse, I never imagined the amount of support the project (and I) would receive,” says Keith. “I’m completely overwhelmed with emotion. I knew my passion for the project, but every day I’m more amazed at the passion and enthusiasm our community has put toward making this project a reality. The journey has been incredible and I can’t wait to see the impact the book will have on our community and the world!”

The author worked with Kenny Tello, LCSW, CAP, CCTP, physician coach from Orlando Health and licensed clinical social worker who worked directly with children affected by Pulse, to make sure the content of the book is psychologically sound.

What makes this book extra unique is that a different artist created each page. Ethan Long, an experienced children’s illustrator, created the main characters and cover design. He suggested the idea that multiple professional illustrators were invited to participate and contribute their passion and art. Overall, 21 local artists contributed to the project!

Get Your Copy!

You can get your copy of My Tio’s Pulse on Amazon or stop by the Orlando United Assistance Center to pick up a copy!