Loaned Executives and Workforce Development

loaned executive

The most successful organizations are the ones that focus on developing their workforce. From professional development to honing leadership skills, investing in your workforce is paramount to building a successful team and company. However, what you may not know is that Heart of Florida United Way can help.

The Loaned Executive program combines a company’s desire for corporate social responsibility and talent development into one simple win-win situation. By loaning an employee for a 13 week period to provide their expertise in the United Way Community Fundraising Campaign, your organization is investing directly in the betterment of the community and their workforce,

What are the benefits for your company?

Serving as a Loaned Executive is a unique experience and professional development opportunity. By supporting United Way, your company’s community relations are emphasized, and relationships with major community partners are strengthened. Some organizations who have partnered with United Way for the Loaned Executive program are Walt Disney World, Lockheed Martin, Publix and Tupperware Brands. By providing a loaned employee (or sponsoring a Loaned Executive), you are making a real impact right here in our community, serving potential customers and bettering our region.

What are the benefits for your employee?

After participating in the Loaned Executive program, your employee will return with real-world experience in areas they may not have had the opportunity for before. They will be trained and practice their comprehensive sales, management and presentation skills. Networking will also play a big role in your Loaned Executive’s development. By assisting in the United Way Community Fundraising Campaign, they will have the opportunity to work with local professionals at every level, building their professional network and establishing your organization as a philanthropic leader in the community.

Next Steps to Get Involved

If you are interested in partnering with United Way for the Loaned Executive Program, please contact Connie Stafford at or 407-429-2104.

We know that some companies aren’t able to spare the man power, but are still interested in participating in the Loaned Executive program. By sponsoring a Loaned Executive, you are providing the funding we need to hire a Sponsored Executive to participate and help in the community.