The New Live United Village: Heart of Florida United Way Unveils Their $1 Million Transformative Investment in Seminole County

Grand Opening of Live United Village

At Heart of Florida United Way (HFUW), we are thrilled to announce our transformational $1 million investment to enhance social services in Seminole County through a partnership with The Sharing Center.  

Together, we are bringing a mutual vision to life of creating a one-stop hub to support our homeless neighbors and help uplift Seminole County residents out of poverty

The official unveiling was announced earlier today at the new Live United Village. 

Live United Village Supporting a Better Tomorrow 
The Live United Village will help members of the community struggling financially to achieve financial stability by supporting job searching, job training, and finding a stable place to live.  

Additionally, it is expected to lift 126 family members out of poverty through a newly launched program, ProjectRISE (Reach, Inspire, Sustain, and Empower), a workforce development program for individuals and their families to gain skillful employment, financial freedom, and housing stability.  

The Sharing Center will continue to provide emergency services as well. Originally created in 2011, The Oasis is a respite center that is tripling in size with the new renovations.  
Now in a 3,600-sq.-ft. space, The Oasis will offer services to double the number of homeless individuals and families — or approximately 4,118 individuals — per year who require services every day.  

This new space now holds: 

  • A state-of-the-art multi-purpose training center 
  • Double the number of personal shower rooms 
  • Double the number of industrial washer and dryer sets 
  • Additional space for case manager and partner offices 

What You Can Do 
To support Live United Village and our neighbors in need, you can:  

  • Advocate for the needs of homeless individuals and families  

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