Empowering Florida Families: Heart of Florida United Way Receives Vital Grant from Duke Energy

Thank you, Duke Energy Foundation!

In a significant boost to our mission, Duke Energy has gifted Heart of Florida United Way with a $40,000 grant from Duke Energy Foundation. This grant, part of Duke Energy’s larger initiative to help Florida residents in need through $150,000 in grants to different organizations, reflects our shared dedication to enhancing the lives of individuals and families in Central Florida. 

Our President and CEO Jeff Hayward expressed gratitude for the collaboration with Duke Energy, highlighting the Utility Assistance Program’s vital role in ensuring families can maintain essential services without sacrificing other necessities.

The grant from Duke Energy Foundation underscores Heart of Florida United Way’s vital role in the community, where we help serve as a beacon of hope for those experiencing financial instability. Through initiatives like the Utility Assistance Program, we provide critical support to families — offering them a lifeline during challenging times. 

The $40,000 grant from Duke Energy Foundation not only provides financial assistance but also symbolizes a partnership dedicated to creating positive change in Central Florida. By working together, Heart of Florida United Way and Duke Energy Foundation aim to foster resilience and empower individuals and families, ultimately building a stronger, more vibrant Central Florida community.