Desk Emergency Kit

deskemergencyWe all know those flawless women who can spend the day in a slim white sheath and look impeccable no matter how stressful  the day is. For the rest of us, sodas explode. Coffees get spilled. And clothes insist on wrinkling.

With some preparation, you too can trick people into thinking you’re that constantly flawless person.  A small and functional desk emergency kit can help you stay polished and be known as the office savior.

While the collection sounds extensive, most of the items can be purchased at the local dollar store or drugstore. With a cheap utensil organizer, everything will neatly fit into a drawer.

  • Lint brush-For when your dog’s hair magically appears
  • Downy Wrinkle -For when the meticulous button down you put on this morning turns out to look like you crumpled it by noon
  • Bandaids-For paper cuts or when your shoes cause blisters
  • Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover- For when mustard gets on your shirt the day of the big meeting
  • Safety pins—For when your hem tears
  • Clear nail-polish-For when you get a run in your tights
  • Goody hair elastics-For when it rains on your freshly-straightened hair
  • Bobby pins-See above
  • Deodorant-For when you’re pulling a late night
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss-For the days when onion bagels are necessary
  • Medicine-Aspirin, Dayquil, Allergy pills, Neosporin, Alka Seltzer, eye drops, etc.: For the days when work just has to get done
  • Cough drops-same as above
  • Small makeup bag-For when you need a quick touch up if you do wear makeup
  • Hairspray-For when your hair turns into a humidity wreck
  • Snacks-granola bars, tea, MIO drink mix, and chocolate for the days you can’t escape your desk

If you have the space, some other things to consider keeping on hand:

  • Black blazer-For when you have an unexpected meeting
  • A black cardigan-For when the office AC goes crazy
  • Black pumps-For when you have that important meeting and want to step it up
  • Black flats-For when your feet ache from those black pumps and need a break
  • Small studs-For when you’ve raced out the door and need some accessorizing to look pulled together

This stockpile will help keep you looking polished, even if tomato soup went everywhere. What else are we missing? Share in the comments what must-haves you have at your desk.