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Access to technology is no longer a luxury. In the modern world, it is a necessity — for youth and adult education, career advancement, and basic everyday tasks. But still, not everyone has equitable access to and understanding of technology. Many of the individuals and families who we call ALICE — Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed — do not have equitable access to technology. Hence, the digital divide.  

TECHquity is a Heart of Florida United Way initiative designed to bridge the digital divide in Central Florida in partnership with like-minded businesses and organizations. Together, we are working to expand technological access to broadband and devices, promote technical skills and literacy, and use our collective voice to advocate for digital equity.  

The focus of the Heart of Florida United Way TECHquity initiative is:   


Ensuring access to affordable, fast, reliable broadband 

Skills and Literacy

Promoting digital skills, literacy, and knowledge needed to participate in a modern, digital economy — including by learning about (and even developing!) innovative business models 


Ensuring access to necessary digital devices


Using our collective voice to stand up for the digital equity and inclusion of every person in Central Florida 

Plug in.



Together, we can bridge the digital divide in Central Florida. Contact Director of TECHquity Leon Ashby at to get connected and start engineering a brighter future for Central Florida. 

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