Share the Love with ALICE This Valentine’s Season

Share the Love

Instead of chocolates and roses, Heart of Florida United Way is calling for volunteers to “Share the Love”, this Valentine’s Season by assembling 1,000 friendship soup kits that will feed 6,000 ALICE individuals. ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) are individuals and families that work multiple jobs but struggle to cover their basic needs. Unfortunately, ALICE is only one emergency away from financial ruin. The large-scale effort will help alleviate hunger for these families will assist in relieving the burdensome cost of purchasing a meal.

Share the Love serves as an opportunity for you and your loved-ones to exemplify love in action through the giving of your time. Make lasting memories by volunteering to pack notorious, shelf-stable meals for families in need.

Volunteers are asked to contribute $10 to help reduce waste and increase cost efficiency. As a family-friendly event, everyone can play a role in preparing meals for ALICE. Make this Valentine’s season a chance to make the difference and Share the Love with those in need in our community!

Register to volunteer on February 12, 2020 or February 15, 2020.