HFUW Announces Transportation Assistance for Veterans in Central Florida: Mission United Lyft Rideshare Program

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Heart of Florida United Way is excited to announce the Mission United Lyft Rideshare Program that offers Veterans in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties access to transportation assistance

From doctor appointments, legal consultations, job interviews, and even a trip to the grocery store, our local Veterans can use the Mission United Lyft Rideshare program to access the resources they need in their everyday lives. 

Rideshare Eligibility Guidelines 

The eligibility guidelines for Veterans to access the Mission United Lyft Rideshare Program are as follows:  

  • Applicant must be a veteran age 18 or older.  
  • The Veteran must reside in Orange, Osceola, or Seminole County.  
  • The Veteran must have the Lyft App on their phone, must have a current Lyft account, and must have a valid payment option on their Lyft account.  
  • The online Rideshare Intake Form must be completed by a Veteran partner organization requesting a ride on behalf of a veteran or by the veteran themselves.  
  • All required documentation must be submitted with the online Rideshare Intake Form.  
  • The Rideshare Intake Form and all required documentation must be submitted no less than two business days before the ride will be needed.  
  • Veterans who do not have a DD214 can use their VA healthcare card or military ID card.  
  • To request a weekend ride, the Veteran must submit the Rideshare Intake Form by 4:00 pm on the preceding Wednesday.  

How to Request a Ride 

Veterans and their caretakers can schedule a ride by contacting us at least two business days before their needed ride. Once a Veteran submits a ride request, our Mission United staff will text, email, or verbally provide the code to the approved Veteran within one hour of the request.  

When the driver arrives, the Veteran will show this code to their Lyft driver. Each scheduled ride offers transportation assistance up to $25 for a one-way ride (or a maximum of two $25 rideshare codes for a round-trip). Veterans must be able to pay for any overages beyond the $25 rideshare limit. 

Veterans can schedule a ride here. 

If you have any questions, please email MissionUnited@hfuw.org. 

What You Can Do 

  • Share this blog with Veterans or professionals who work with Veterans to spread the word about this free transportation service. 
  • Donate to Heart of Florida United Way, so we can continue to assist Veterans in Central Florida. 

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