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Military family succeeds after receiving assistance through Mission United

About the Program

Mission United unites our community and pre-existing programs to create a comprehensive system of care that positively impacts the lives of veterans and their families in Central Florida. By convening stakeholders and services, Mission United has created a centralized point of entry for veterans and their families to access services. Through fostering an environment for collaboration and communication among community support networks, Mission United streamlines the navigation and service delivery in our community. Mission United is focused on creating systemic change in the areas of education, employment and legal services for veterans.

Veteran Assistance

Since the launch of Mission United in June 2015, thousands of veterans have contacted us through 2-1-1, our Information and Assistance Helpline. Common areas for which veterans seek help include:

  • Upgrade of discharge status in order to obtain full VA benefits
  • Family law, such as divorce, custody or child support
  • Career advice and support services for sustainable
  • Education access to achieve a post-secondary
  • Affordable housing to provide a stable home
    for their families

How You Can Help

With your support, either through a donation or by volunteering on one of the Mission United committees, Mission United will make a decided impact on the lives of veterans in Central Florida. If you would like more information about the program and getting involved, please send an email to

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  • Nationwide, there are 21.8 million military veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces as of 2014.
  • Families face unique stressors and issues when a loved one has been deployed and returns home.
  • 44% of veterans who served after 9/11 report difficulty readjusting to civilian life.
  • Veterans report difficulties finding employment, accessing and completing education and securing and maintaining stable housing.
  • 24% of post-9/11 veterans are unemployed.
  • 118,000 veterans call Central Florida home.
  • Florida has the 3rd largest population of veterans, after California and Texas.
  • A third of the homeless population in Florida is made up of homeless male veterans.
  • In the next three to four years, one million men and women will return home from active duty overseas to reintegrate into our communities.
  • Despite national efforts to help veterans get stable employment, veterans continue to face obstacles.
  • Key obstacles include translating their military skills to civilian jobs.
  • Many veterans leave the military without a civilian-friendly resume, making it difficult for them to get noticed by potential employers.
  • Mission United helps veterans translate their skills, create a resume, connect them to job opportunities.
  • For veterans who wish to pursue education after their deployment, some have difficulty choosing a course of study and navigating available benefits.
  • Mission United helps veterans and their families make career and education decisions to match skills and interests, helping them obtain long-term stability.
  • For veterans in need of legal aid, such as in the case of pursuing VA benefits, family law or housing issues, these can be huge barriers to employment and stability.
  • Mission United connects veterans with free legal services to income-eligible veterans and their families.


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