Celebrating Pride!


At Heart of Florida United Way (HFUW), our mission goes beyond providing essential services to our community. We are dedicated to fostering an environment of inclusivity and advocating for the rights and dignity of all individuals.  

Investing in Agencies that Make a Difference 

HFUW stands up for every person in Central Florida. We LIVE UNITED with our neighbors and partners to make the biggest possible difference in Central Florida. This is exemplified through our partnerships with local agencies that work tirelessly to provide resources and safe spaces for all individuals, such as The Center (LGBT+ Center Orlando) and Zebra Coalition. 

Promoting DEI Within Our Workplace and Community 

HFUW’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is not confined to our external partnerships. Internally, our DEI Action Committee is dedicated to promoting these values within our organization and the broader community. This committee works to ensure that our workplace is welcoming and inclusive for all employees, including our LGBTQ+ staff members.  

Together, let’s continue to spread kindness, compassion, and hope. Your support makes a profound difference in the lives of countless individuals in Central Florida. Join us in our mission to advocate for all people, every day of the year.