“As soon as individuals with a cause have found one another out, they combine. From that moment on, they are no longer isolated people, but a power seen from afar whose actions serve for an example, and whose language is listened to.”

Alexis de Tocqueville | Democracy in America, 1835

The United Way Tocqueville Society recognizes the generosity of individuals contributing at the highest levels of personal giving.

With gifts of $10,000 or more annually, these caring philanthropists demonstrate a profound commitment to helping people in need throughout our tri-county region.

Many outstanding local citizens and leaders belong to the ADT Society, and their generosity and dedication to improving the quality of life in our community is paving the way for a better tomorrow.

The Tocqueville Society aims to:

  • Change lives by focusing philanthropic leadership on United Way’s core focus areas: Education, Income, Health and Basic Needs.
  • Emphasize the vital role of personal philanthropy in creating long-lasting change by addressing the underlying causes of societal problems.
  • Honor the generosity of outstanding donors with special recognition and peer experiences.
  • Foster philanthropy and community service.
  • Strengthen local leadership development and major investing efforts.
  • Promote the Tocqueville Society and the United Way brand to stimulate the exchange of philanthropic ideas.

For additional information, please contact Donor Relations at (407) 835-0918.

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