10 Tips to Get Ready for Back to School

By | No Comments August 8, 2015

It’s somehow August already, which means summer is winding down and the school year is looming closer and closer. Gone are the leisurely mornings and calm afternoons; instead, days will be filled with blaring alarm clocks, last-minute lunches and dashes for the bus. Make the transition easier on y...

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10 Fall Activities for $10 or Less

By | No Comments August 3, 2015

Fall is finally here! The blistering heat of summer has faded away which means there are plenty of fun fall activities happening in the area. Here are 10 fall activities for $10 or less. Orlando Area Parks When: Every day Cost: Free What to do: Orlando boasts over 40 parks, with many of them having ...

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Desk Emergency Kit

By | No Comments July 19, 2015

We all know those flawless women who can spend the day in a slim white sheath and look impeccable no matter how stressful  the day is. For the rest of us, sodas explode. Coffees get spilled. And clothes insist on wrinkling. With some preparation, you too can trick people into thinking you’re that...

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Student Loan Repayment 101

By | No Comments June 22, 2015

With college graduation comes celebration and relief. But after the parties end, reality sets in. For 40 million Americans, student loans are a necessary evil in order to pursue higher education. Facing a large loan balance can be overwhelming and confusing, so it’s important to understand your lo...

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Depression versus the Blues

By | No Comments May 19, 2015

May is Mental Health Month. As part of Heart of Florida United Way’s focus onhealth, we are featuring mental health articles and information on all of our social media platforms. To follow the conversation around mental health, follow us onTwitter & Facebook. Just about everyone has had a poin...

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Cashing In

Heart of Florida United Way

By | No Comments May 8, 2015

This is the credo that Heart of Florida United Way lives by and this weekend’s Step Right Up! volunteer carnival was a perfect illustration of this belief. Despite threatening weather, nearly 350 people came out with their family, friends and co-workers to help make a difference by participating i...

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