Growing Together

Every new mother tries to do everything to make sure their new child has the best things in life. Lakeshia was no different. Her beautiful child was perfect in every way. Yet, she wanted to learn more about significant milestones tiny little Terrell would experience as he grew older.

Lakeshia and Terrell attended a free developmental screening event with a professional Care Coordinator with Help Me Grow. They had a wonderful time learning new things they could do to play and encourage Terrell to hit each of his milestones. Terrell and his mother were starting their journey together on the right foot.

It is an excellent idea to monitor a child’s development throughout their life. Several months later, Lakeshia and Terrell returned for another screening because she was concerned that her son was exhibiting strange behavior. Terrell would scream and cry unprompted and started to harm himself.

After reviewing the screening results, Terrell had shown a few areas of developmental concerns. This news was overwhelming to Lakeshia. Her son was going to need support that she didn’t know how to provide.

Whom would you turn if your child were having difficulties reaching his developmental goals? Thankfully, Lakeshia’s Help Me Grow Care Coordinator, Maria, was there to guide her every step of the way. First, Maria arranged to send a referral for an Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation with her primary care physician to get Terrell’s help.

With Help Me Grow’s support, Lakeshia and Terrell now have the right tools to help them both thrive.

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