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Are you brave enough to go Over the Edge?

Go Over the Edge with Mission United

We want you to jump off a building to help veterans. Yes, really. Not for the faint of heart, our most extreme fundraiser yet is all about helping veterans while giving you a once in a lifetime experience. If you ever wanted to rappel down one of Central Florida’s tallest building, now is your chance to go Over the Edge with Mission United!

Over the Edge with Mission United will take place on Monday, November 12, 2018 at the B Resort & Spa – Lake Buena Vista. It’s a first come, first served basis so we recommend raising funds quickly! Edgers who reach the minimum goal amount of $1,000 will be given the option to choose which time slot they would like to rappel.

Fundraising Incentives

In order to qualify to rappel, Edgers must raise a minimum of $1,000. We know that sounds like a lot, but think of it this way: two Edgers who meet their goal means that a veteran can graduate debt-free from a skilled trade program!

We will be with you every step of the way, offering ideas and tips on how to meet your goal. For the ambitious Edgers, we have special prizes for those who go above and beyond.

  • EDGER: Raises $1,000
    • Over the Edge with Mission United shirt
    • Swag bag
    • Admission to Landing Zone Party
    • 1 ticket to VIP Liquid Courage Reception
  • RANGER: Raises $1,500
    • Same items as Edger
    • Up to 3 action photos taken during rappel for you to keep (digital copies)
    • 2 tickets to VIP Liquid Courage Reception
  • SPECIAL OPS: Raises $2,000
    • Same items as Ranger
    • Helmet-anchored Go Pro video of your rappel
    • 4 tickets to VIP Liquid Courage Reception


Minimum Age Requirement Anyone can participate in our Over the Edge event! The only restriction is that anyone under the age of 18 requires a parent or guardian signature on the legal waiver.
Weight Requirement Over The Edge’s equipment safety standards require that people must be between 100 and 300 pounds in order to safely rappel.
Do I need to have experience to participate? Not at all! Over the Edge provides a practice zone before your big plunge down B Resort & Spa – Lake Buena Vista and will ensure you know what to do.
Fundraising Minimum $1,000
Number of rappel spots open 76
How many Stories will you be rappelling 17
Fundraising Deadline November 2, 2018
What should I wear to the event? Dress comfortably! Do not wear overly loose or baggy clothing, or clothing with long drawstrings. Wear soft-soled, close-toed shoes or sneakers.
Can I wear a costume? Costumes are allowed but are subject to the discretion of the Site Safety Supervisor. Every attempt will be made to safely fit costumes around harnesses and helmets. Stringy, loose or excessive costumes should be avoided. Head pieces that will not accommodate a helmet, obscure the vision, or are notably large or heavy will not be allowed.


About Mission United

Did you know? Florida is the third largest population of veterans in the United States. With more veterans projected to join our community in the coming years, Heart of Florida United Way’s Mission United is at the forefront of serving those who served. From employment to housing assistance, and the other myriad of issues facing veterans, Mission United is ensuring that veterans have the access to services they need to have a better life.

Are you a veteran in need of services? Click here to learn more about how Mission United can help.

About Over the Edge

We know your mom might be worried when she hears you are raising money to rappel down a building. But you can tell her that Heart of Florida United Way partnered with Over the Edge to ensure the safety of our Edgers is the top priority. They have an impressive 13 year safety track record with over 700 events across the country so we know you will be in safe hands (and gear) as you make your trek down to the ground.

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For questions about Over the Edge with Mission United, email us at OverTheEdge@HFUW.org   

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