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MISSION UNITED HFUW Lockup 4cMary is an Air Force veteran and a single mother of a little girl. After a grueling divorce, Mary was in desperate need of stable housing. She was referred to Mission United, Heart of Florida United Way’s initiative serving veterans.

Mary was hoping for one-time assistance getting into an apartment and her situation was so desperate she could not think beyond this one emergency. During her initial interview, the case manager realized Mary’s daughter, who had a sensory processing disorder, had never applied for or received Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. By helping Mary apply for the benefits she was entitled too, she was able to improve her family’s financial situation and became more self-sufficient.

The case manager helped Mary find subsidized childcare so that she could pursue an education and get a better paying job. Once Mary was stabilized, the case manager also helped Mary learn how to manage a household budget and prepare emergency savings for the future.

Mary thought she needed help on just one thing, but that would have been just a short-term solution. Mission United identified larger issues that were keeping Mary from being able to get ahead and then broke down barriers to help Mary on her path to self-sufficiency. She’s now building a solid future for both herself and her daughter.

That’s what Mission United is all about. Since its launch in June, Mission United has received nearly 4,000 calls from veterans like Mary.

Through 2-1-1, United Way’s Information & Assistance Helpline, Mission United is a one-stop location for veterans and their families to receive services that they need, including assistance with education, employment and legal aid. Once involved in the program, returning veterans receive a personalized plan and one-on-one case management. 2-1-1 call specialists are available 24/7/365 to assist veterans by phone, chat, or text message (text MISSION to 898-211).

For more information, visit 211MissionUnited.org.

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