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To access documents, please click on the links below:

Form  Last Revised Use
Duke Energy Application 10/24/13 For Duke Energy Special Medical Needs Program
Current Rent Verification 10/21/16 Must be used when rent is not late
Emergency Assistance Request 8/22/17 Required for all assistance requests
Emergency Assistance Request – Additional Members 8/22/17 Used as a continuation of the EAR to list additional household members.
Homeless Certification 3/31/11 For Re-Unification Program
Landlord Property Manager Statement Caseworker Verification – Standard 10/6/17 Required for all rental assistance requests
Landlord Property Manager Statement Form – BR 10/21/16 To be used only when Landlord refuses to waive late fees.  Client assumes other fees responsibility.
Landlord Property Manager Statement Form – Program 10/21/16 To be used only for cases in on-going rental assistance.  MUST ISSUE Notification of Program Participation Status form upon termination of client from program.
Sample Lease Agreement 10/21/16 As a guide for private landlords who do not have a valid lease.
Mortgage Holder Statement 4/24/13 Required for all mortgage assistance requests
Notification of program participation 2/6/13 Must be issued to notify Landlord that Agency is no longer liable for rent assistance.  MUST USE when using FORM 2C.
Other services assistance checklist 10/21/16 Required for any payment request other than rent, mortgage or utility payments.
OUC UAP Checklist 10/21/16 Required for all utility assistance requests paid with OUC-UAP
Rent Past Due Verification Form 10/21/16 Only to be used when Landlord has not issued their own letter.
Property Appraiser Verification 4/20/10 Only to be used when Property Appraiser Website Printout is not available
Pre-Lease Agreement 10/21/16 Only to be used for first month’s rent, when landlord is not willing to provide lease without payment
Rent/Mortgage Assistance Checklist 10/21/16 All rent/mortgage assistance requests
Three Day Notice Form 11/26/13 Only to be used when Landlord has not issued their own letter
Utility Assistance Checklist 10/21/16 All utility assistance requests

Emergency Food & Shelter Program (EFSP) Phase 34: 

EFSP Phase 34 Rent/Mortgage Documentation Form

EFSP Metered Utility Form

EFSP Phase 34 Checklist

EFSP Phase 34 Mass Shelter Log

EFSP Phase 34 Served Meals Log

EFSP Phase 34 Mileage Log

EFSP 33 National Program Manual

Phase 34 Key Changes and Clarifications

EFSP Phase 34 Required Documentation

EFSP Phase 34 Case Management Standards

EFSP Phase 34 Approved Program Cost Categories

EFN/MAAClink System:

MAACLink Reasons for Service

MAACLink Confidentiality and Request for Account Form

Service Description Codes

Resource Links: 

2-1-1 Online Community Resource

Child Support E-Services

DBPR Housing Inspection Reports

DBPR Housing Licensee Search

DCF Childcare Provider Search

DMV Driver’s License Search

Orange County Property Appraiser

Orange County Public Records

Osceola County Clerk of Courts

Osceola County Property Appraiser

Seminole County Official Records

Seminole County Property Appraiser

SUNBIZ – State of Florida Division of Corporations

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