Supporting ALICE

The ALICE Fund

The ALICE Fund provides one-time emergency assistance to vulnerable low-income and income-constrained households.  We anticipate assisting 400 families this year through the fund.   This fund is just one of the many ways that Heart of Florida United Way is supporting one of the largest populations, at nearly 50%, in our community. To learn more about the State of our Families visit:

The ALICE Coalition

The ALICE Coalition is comprised of businesses and corporations who are taking a stand to address the unique needs of the ALICE population. When an unexpected emergency arises, these corporate partners provide programs that ensure that families do not fall into financial ruin. Whether it’s part of a corporate social responsibility goal or propelling the workforce forward toward a better life, the ALICE Coalition is ready to make a difference in the lives of Central Floridians. To learn more about the ALICE Coalition contact:

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