AdvocateAdvocacy is about championing a cause. It’s about taking time to understand the issues, promoting them to friends and family and increasing awareness of important issues. It’s about lending your voice to people whose voices are seldom heard – children, the elderly, those who are down on their luck.

Achieving real, sustained change in community conditions requires the engagement of everyday citizens, as well as policy leaders and decision makers at the local, state and national level. As a community advocate, you can play an important role in influencing outcomes that directly improve our neighbors’ lives.


  1. Review United Way’s Consensus Legislative Agenda.
  2. Write a letter or email to elected officials representing your area to let them know about your priorities.
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    Tips on effective communication with your legislators.
  3. Submit a 30-second video to explaining how our legislative priorities impact your life.
  4. Share key issues and articles with your social media networks to help educate your peers on important community issues.

To learn more about advocacy and how you get involved, please contact:
Heart of Florida
United Way

  • United Way is focused on cradle to career strategies that provide a strong foundation to help our children develop into successful adults who contribute to their communities.
  • Join us by advocating for policies that strengthen school readiness, middle school success and high school and post-secondary completion.
  • The Earned Income Tax Credit is the most effective program in lifting children and families out of poverty. United Way doesn’t want people wasting their hard earned dollars; we want to help them get every penny.
  • By connecting people to free tax preparation centers, we help people get the funds they deserve.
  • EITC is set to expire in 2017, potentially impacting millions throughout the United States. We encourage you to take action to ensure this credit stays available for those who need it and expand additional free tax preparation resources available to low-income individuals.
  • Good health is both a community responsibility and a community benefit.
  • We support and advocate for programs that help people stay healthy, including food programs in schools, nutrition awareness and access to medical care.
  • We are working to create solutions to help everyone thrive, creating healthier communities.
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